I-PEX “Cabline” Cable Asse...


Cabline Display Connectors and Cable Assemblies

Cabline is I-PEX’ eDP/LVDS series flat panel display connector utilizing a range of micro coax from AWG36 down to AWG46 and pin counts ranging from 5 to 51 conductors. Mating heights as low as 0.7mm. Used on the newest 10.1″ displays for mobile computing.     The I-PEX Cabline-VS connector cable plug 20453-040T-11 mates to the I-PEX 20455-040E-12 receptacle found on many newer VESA compliant LCD panels. I-PEX cable plug 20453-040T-11 assembly is comprised of three component parts, the housing, shell and pull-bar.   Contact TMP Northwest for cable assemblies to support the following VESA Standard Panel Compliant LCD Panels: B101AW03 VO / B133XW01 VO / HT101HD1-100 / N116B6-L02 / LP133WH2-TLA2 / LP133WH1- / LP140WH2-TLA1 / LP156WH2-TLAC / LP173WD1-TLA1 / LTN156AT02-D / PQ 3Qi-01

For more information about the Cabline series, click on this link.

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