I-PEX Connector Categories

Micro-Coax :  Cabline Connectors

CABLINE® Series Micro Coaxial Wire-to-board Connectors were first developed by I-PEX Connectors. CABLINE®-CA II Connectors are capable of handling data rates up to 20 Gbps while still providing 360-degree EMI shielding, making these ideal for USB 3.1, Thunderbolt™3, eDP HBR3, PCIe® Gen 3/4 and more. Applications include connecting displays, camera modules and storage devices.  For more information about the Cabline series, click on this link.

FPC/FFC :  MINIFLEX and EVAFLEX Series Connectors

The MINIFLEX Series of FPC/FFC Connectors, commonly referred to as ZIFs or LIFs, offer very low cost options with pin pitch ranges from 0.5mm down to the world’s smallest of 0.175mm. Connector height profiles range from a robust 2.5mm down to the world’s lowest at just 0.55mm. EVAFLEX® Series are auto-lock style connectors which are more robust and durable than traditional FPC/FFC Connectors. The EVAFLEX® Series includes EMI shielding and support for high-data-rate transmission. For more information about the MINIFLEX and EVAFLEX series, click on this link.

Board to Board (FPC) Connectors :  Novastack Series Connectors

NOVASTACK® Series Board-to-Board (FPC) Connectors are available in a 0.4mm and 0.35mm pitch with options for power pins and high visibility mating.  NOVASTACK® 35-HDP (Board-to-Board (FPC) Connectors) has a high-data-rate option with 360 degree EMI shielding, making them ideal for applications with speeds up to 20 Gbps, including USB-3.1 and Thunderbolt™3.  For more information about the Novastack series, click on this link.

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